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of rosa parks, george romero, dan quayle, and george washington was elected president by the electoral college. it was unanimous which meant that george was never forced to produce a photo of him skeet shooting. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] good >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang coming up, senate republicans show their love for the finance industry by working to weaken consumer financial reform. but first, president obama took his push for new gun control laws on the road in the latest of a series of campaign-stale events the president spoke in front of police officers and sheriff's deputies in minneapolis. and he urged americans to write to congress to back what he described at four common-sense measures to help stop gun violence. >> obama: they don't really have winter in washington, d.c. anyone trying to buy a gun. senators from both parties have come together and proposed a bill that would crack done on people who buy guns and then turn around and sell them to criminals. we should not stop there. we should restore the ban on military-style assault weapons and 10-r
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republicans were on their best behavior as as a bronze statue of rosa parks the first african-american monument. she would not give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger. violating the law. this helped touch off civil rights movements and including by the way voting rights, which is ironic when considering across the street at the supreme court the voting rights act was on trial and facing heavy criticism from the conservative justices on the court including justice scalia who questioned whether protecting minority rights represented a perpetuation of racial entitlement. entitlement. in this case the right to vote, that very thing that under girds no, sir. he went on to say quote, even the name of it is wonderful: the voting rights act. who is going to vote against that in the future? well apparently, sir you relinquishrichwhite your honor. did you see anything that makes you especially concerned about the future of the voting rights act? >> i think the questioning from the conservative wing from the court makes me concerned about it. most walked in, including me, thinking
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3